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2011 Drake Football Africa Trip Pledge Form
Please fill out the following pledge form to contribute to the Drake Football "Raising the Bar to Raise the Funds" lift-a-thon on January 16th. Funds raised will used to defray costs to send Drake to play in the Global Kilimanjaro Bowl, the first ever American Football game played on the continent of Africa. The lift-a-thon is a one rep max bench press event. For example, if a player benches 320 lbs, and your pledge is $1 per pound, the total pledge amount will be $320. Flat donations are also accepted- please see previous page and click on "Donate Now"

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By typing my name below, I understand that I am responsible for the full amount of my pledge following the "Raising the Bar to Raise the Funds" event on January 16. You will be contacted following the event for payment info. Please do not send any money at this time.
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