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2011-12 Drake Basketball Drake Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 15, 2012) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ at Illinois-Chicago 11-12-11 48-61 L 17-Hackbarth, Ra 9-Hackbarth, Ra 3-Wollschlager, 3-McSparron, Br None Hackbarth, Ra IOWA STATE 11-15-11 64-71 L 18-Running, Step 14-Hackbarth, Ra 4-Person, Kayla 1-Reid, Morgan None Hackbarth, Ra Wollschlager, McSparron, Br MILWAUKEE 11-18-11 63-51 W 20-Hackbarth, Ra 11-Hackbarth, Ra 5-Clark, Kyndal 4-McSparron, Br 1-Running, Step vs Marist 11-24-11 47-50 L 19-Hackbarth, Ra 12-Hackbarth, Ra 5-Running, Step 2-Clark, Kyndal 1-Running, Step vs Hofstra 11-25-11 60-70 L 14-Grenfell, Car 10-Reid, Morgan 6-Reid, Morgan 2-Lutes, Cara 2-Running, Step Hackbarth, Ra NORTH DAKOTA 12-01-11 74-60 W 21-Hackbarth, Ra 7-Running, Step 5-Wollschlager, 2-Reid, Morgan 2-Hackbarth, Ra Wollschlager, NORTH DAKOTA STATE 12-08-11 57-49 W 26-Hackbarth, Ra 11-Hackbarth, Ra 3-Hackbarth, Ra 2-Reid, Morgan 2-McSparron, Br McSparron, Br Clark, Kyndal at Wisconsin 12-11-11 65-54 W 20-Hackbarth, Ra 11-Hackbarth, Ra 3-Wollschlager, 3-Clark, Kyndal None Clark, Kyndal at Saint Louis 12-18-11 62-60 W 21-Hackbarth, Ra 8-Hackbarth, Ra 4-Clark, Kyndal 2-Reid, Morgan 1-Running, Step Hackbarth, Ra Running, Step at Iowa 12-20-11 46-71 L 17-Hackbarth, Ra 10-Hackbarth, Ra 4-McSparron, Br 2-Lutes, Cara 1-Running, Step Wollschlager, Hackbarth, Ra LOYOLA-CHICAGO 12-22-11 65-50 W 19-Hackbarth, Ra 12-Hackbarth, Ra 5-Hackbarth, Ra 2-Hackbarth, Ra 3-Hackbarth, Ra at Creighton 12-31-11 47-44 W 16-Clark, Kyndal 10-Hackbarth, Ra 3-Hackbarth, Ra 2-Reid, Morgan 1-Hackbarth, Ra Running, Step Hackbarth, Ra Running, Step Clark, Kyndal at Wichita State 01-05-12 41-63 L 19-Hackbarth, Ra 5-Running, Step 3-McSparron, Br 2-Clark, Kyndal 1-Reid, Morgan Hackbarth, Ra McSparron, Br Hackbarth, Ra at Missouri State 01-07-12 46-78 L 16-Hackbarth, Ra 8-Hackbarth, Ra 2-Reid, Morgan 4-Hackbarth, Ra 1-Reid, Morgan Heap, Liza Montgomery, A SOUTHERN ILLINOIS 01-12-12 73-59 W 25-Hackbarth, Ra 15-Hackbarth, Ra 4-Clark, Kyndal 3-Reid, Morgan 2-Hackbarth, Ra McSparron, Br EVANSVILLE 01-14-12 67-53 W 21-Hackbarth, Ra 14-Hackbarth, Ra 4-Wollschlager, 4-Clark, Kyndal 1-Wollschlager, Clark, Kyndal at Illinois State 01-20-12 67-71 OL 18-McSparron, Br 15-Hackbarth, Ra 3-McSparron, Br 3-Hackbarth, Ra 1-Hackbarth, Ra Hackbarth, Ra at Indiana State 01-22-12 67-59 W 32-Hackbarth, Ra 14-Hackbarth, Ra 3-Reid, Morgan 1-Reid, Morgan 4-Hackbarth, Ra Heap, Liza BRADLEY 01-27-12 77-62 W 23-Hackbarth, Ra 13-Hackbarth, Ra 4-Wollschlager, 4-Clark, Kyndal 1-Reid, Morgan NORTHERN IOWA 01-29-12 77-82 OL 22-Hackbarth, Ra 10-Hackbarth, Ra 5-Hackbarth, Ra 3-McSparron, Br 1-Wollschlager, Hackbarth, Ra MISSOURI STATE 02-02-12 66-69 L 28-Hackbarth, Ra 10-Hackbarth, Ra 3-Clark, Kyndal 1-Lutes, Cara 2-Hackbarth, Ra Running, Step Hackbarth, Ra Grenfell, Car Reid, Morgan WICHITA STATE 02-04-12 56-74 L 17-Hackbarth, Ra 12-Hackbarth, Ra 5-Hackbarth, Ra 2-Reid, Morgan 1-Running, Step Clark, Kyndal Hackbarth, Ra at Southern Illinois 02-09-12 59-63 L 27-Hackbarth, Ra 16-Hackbarth, Ra 4-Wollschlager, 6-Hackbarth, Ra None McSparron, Br at Evansville 2/12/12 55-51 W 18-Hackbarth, Ra 14-Hackbarth, Ra 4-Grenfell, Car 2-Hackbarth, Ra 1-Heap, Liza INDIANA STATE 02-17-12 60-43 W 20-Hackbarth, Ra 13-Hackbarth, Ra 4-Hackbarth, Ra 3-Reid, Morgan 3-Hackbarth, Ra ILLINOIS STATE 02-19-12 51-66 L 21-Hackbarth, Ra 13-Hackbarth, Ra 2-Clark, Kyndal 2-McSparron, Br 2-Hackbarth, Ra Hackbarth, Ra Reid, Morgan
2011-12 Drake Basketball Drake Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 15, 2012) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ at Bradley 02-24-12 77-65 W 20-Clark, Kyndal 11-Reid, Morgan 7-Reid, Morgan 4-Reid, Morgan 1-Grenfell, Car Clark, Kyndal at Northern Iowa 02/26/12 66-68 L 21-Clark, Kyndal 18-Hackbarth, Ra 4-Hackbarth, Ra 1-Clark, Kyndal None Wollschlager, Hackbarth, Ra Heap, Liza Reid, Morgan CREIGHTON 03-03-12 54-50 W 15-Grenfell, Car 18-Hackbarth, Ra 3-Grenfell, Car 2-Clark, Kyndal 1-Grenfell, Car Hackbarth, Ra vs Evansville 03/08/12 52-48 W 15-Hackbarth, Ra 9-Hackbarth, Ra 6-Hackbarth, Ra 1-Clark, Kyndal 2-Hackbarth, Ra Wollschlager, vs Illinois State 03/09/12 56-54 W 20-Hackbarth, Ra 10-Hackbarth, Ra 5-Wollschlager, 3-Hackbarth, Ra 1-Reid, Morgan Clark, Kyndal vs Wichita State 03/10/12 56-52 W 15-Hackbarth, Ra 12-Hackbarth, Ra 4-Hackbarth, Ra 3-Hackbarth, Ra 1-Hackbarth, Ra vs Creighton 03/11/12 38-53 L 15-Hackbarth, Ra 14-Hackbarth, Ra 5-Clark, Kyndal 1-Reid, Morgan 2-Hackbarth, Ra at South Dakota 3-15-12 53-61 L 16-Hackbarth, Ra 17-Hackbarth, Ra 3-Reid, Morgan 2-Hackbarth, Ra 1-Hackbarth, Ra Hackbarth, Ra Reid, Morgan Clark, Kyndal