MBB Flex Pack

Drake Football Program Goals:

1) Academics
Academics are our number one program goal. The goal is more than simply earning a degree: we want every player in the Drake program to reach their full potential academically. For some that will mean being an Academic All-American; for some that will mean striving to earn a 3.0 grade point average. Drake is an outstanding school and will demand a LOT of you in the classroom--if academics aren't your number one goal, succeeding in the classroom will be nearly impossible. Every player on our roster aspires to make it on our Academic Top Ten board, which displays the top 10 semester GPAs in our Player's Lounge.



  1. Matthew Buckley 4.0
  2. Taylor Coleman 4.0
  3. Jacob Dines 4.0
  4. Joel Fuxa 4.0
  5. Vincent Israel 4.0
  6. Aaron Johnson 4.0
  7. Brett Park 4.0
  8. Wyatt Sann 4.0
  9. Ryan Wilbur 4.0
  10. Spencer Lee 3.81

Most Improved - Chris Busbey +1.36







2) Be Your Best
In everything we do, we want to be our absolute best--especially on the football field. We believe that winning football games is the by-product of doing things right and doing them hard. We don't constantly talk about winning, we focus on the things that ultimately allow us to win. We do things the right way, which is usually not the easiest, quickest, or most comfortable way to do things. In the Drake football program, it is the only way. "Be Your Best" is not just a philosophy on how to win football games, but how to succeed in life.






A few notable stats on Drake being its best...

- 90-18-1 at home since joining the PFL

- Founding PFL member


- One of only 18 Division I FCS teams with 500+ wins


- 6 conference championships


- First university in Iowa to win a bowl




3) Family
Family is our third program goal. Being a family means that we care about each other and look out for one another. We have team members from all over the United States; with all kinds of different backgrounds; with varying levels of intellectual and athletic ability; and from different racial and ethnic groups. We have team members who have been here a long time and we have newcomers. We are unified in our purpose. We learn from each other and we encourage each other. We are a family because we share a common bond: we have all committed to being a part of this football program.



                                                                                                             4) Fun

       Football is the greatest game in the

       world because it is FUN. At Drake, we

       make having fun a priority in practice,

       in games, and in the time we spend

       together as a football family. This is

       why we play and this is why we coach-

       because we have fun doing it. When

       you are surrounded by 110 guys who

       love the game of football, you can't

       help but have fun. Off season bowling

       tournaments, obstacle courses, games

       in every corner of the country, softball

       games, and playing football all make

       Drake Football FUN!


5) Impact Men

Our final goal is that our program will have a positive impact on our players so that beyond graduation, our players will continue to make an impact in their communities and in this world.

A player's experience with Drake University football will be considered a failure if we do not make you a better man. We are not a football team that gets together a few months in the fall to play football. Our program is designed to have an impact on the lives of our players 12 months out of the year over four years. In the end, our players will walk away from the Drake football program knowing that they became the best football players they could be and grew into men who can and will make an impact in this world.






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