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Welcome to the official blog of Drake Athletics.  Click on the entries below to read what our coaches and players are up to.

-Preseason Week 1- Jordann Plummer talks about the preseason and fitness testing
-Preseason Week 2- Monique Jones on the first 1 hour team practice
-Preseason Week 3- Freshman Steph Running on her first month at Drake
-Preseason Week 4- Coach Todd Voss and the team serve it up at the First Federated Church
-Preseason Week 5- Morgan Herrick on getting geared up for the exhibition opener vs. Upper Iowa
         -Week 1- Coach Sayavongchahn on traveling to UMKC for the season opener
-Week 2- Alex Montgomery on the loss at UMKC and the upcoming St. Mary's Tournament
-Week 3- Lizzi Naumann reflects on the Air Force Tournament and winning in the mile high city (NEW!)

»FOOTBALL (click here to read 2009 season entries)- CHECK OUT THE DRAKE FOOTBALL FACEBOOK FAN SITE HERE
- Offseason Blog- 12/16- Wrap Up of the Channing Smith Awards Banquet

- Week 1- Coach Lindsey Horner Talks about Summer Camps
- Week 2- Shannon Schuehle on her Summer Trip to Uganda
- Week 3- Coach Horner on the First Road Trip, Bad Movies (really bad...), and the Blue Angels
- Week 4- Coach Horner talks about the Road Trip to Colorado Springs
- Week 5- Karissa Brown on her Summer Intership in San Diego
- Week 6- Shannon Schuehle and Rachel Gielau provide play-by-play of their South Dakota trip
- Week 7- Kourtney Arnold reveals the secrets to winning at Western Illinois
- Week 8- Angela Chigazola on Marching in the Beaverdale Parade and the upcoming Apraxia Walk
- Week 9- Coach Horner wraps up parents weekend
- Week 10- Drake Soccer through the eyes of Bailey Dorrington
- Week 11- Team members react to last weekend's faculty and staff night
- Week 12- The Drake Women's Soccer Seniors react to senior night and the season
- Week 13- "Coach" Blair Nelson on teaching 4-year olds the basics of soccer
- Offseason- 12/16- Coach Horner on the team "Caring In Action"

- Week 1- Coach Phil McDaniel on the start of practice
- Week 2- Coach Phil McDaniel on scrimmages, the state fair, and the road ahead
- Week 3- Chelsea Laurersdoft talks about the IPFW Tournament
- Week 4- Emily Heffernen reflects on the Hampton Inn Drake Invitational
- Week 5- Chelsea Lauersdorf breaks down the matches vs. UNI and Bradley
- Week 6- Head Coach Phil McDaniels breaks down a typical Bulldog road trip
- Week 7- Chelsea Lauersdorf on the two tough losses to Missouri State and Wichita State
- Week 8- Chelsea Lauersdorf on the 2 wins last week against SDSU and Creighton
- Week 9- Emily Heffernen on the big winning streak
- Week 10- Coach McDaniel on visiting SDS and the match vs. Creighton
- Week 11- Chelsea Lauersdorf refelcts on the season
- Final Entry- Emily Heffenen on the end of the season, and next year (NEW!)

- Week 1- Kevin Shrout chats it up with Brian Wurst
- Week 2- Kevin Shrout mixes it up with Calvin Clark and the Preseason
- Week 3- Kevin Shrout talks on beating #7 Indiana in the preseason, and chats with Mike Noonan
- Week 4- Kevin Shrout checks in from the road to Alabama and talks with Luke Gorczyca
- Week 5- Kevin Shrout talks about the road trip to Birmingham, Kansas City, and chats with Matt Kuhn
- Week 6- Kevin Shrout on cracking the Top 25 and why Garrett Webb is the man

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