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New Member Welcome

Courtesy: Drake Athletics
Release: March 04, 2014
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Please join us in welcoming new Bulldog Club members*. Thank you for joining the Bulldog Club!  The Bulldog Club is pleased to welcome these new members and thank them for their support of Drake's student-athletes.
Kirk Abrahamson
Thomas Ahlers
Matt Becker
Alison Belson
Ronald Borwick
Mark Clark  Carolyn Bowers Clark
James and Gloria Boyt
Florence Buhr
Keith and Marsha Burgett
John Cacciatore
Spencer Cady
Elizabeth Campbell
John Campbell
Ralph and Hilda Carlson
Robert and Pamela Chase
Mark Clark
Nicholas and Kimberly Colletti
Brian Conway
Basil Dawson
Michael and Janet DeBerg
Jim and Catherine Dietz-Kilen
Thomas and Kristine Donahue
Harry and Lynne Drier
Michael Duroe
Gregory Ellis
Rick and Julia Fox
Paul Fredericksen
Dave Frieberg
Judith and Daryl Gass
Louise and Gary Gately
Louis and Nancy Gatta
Kim and Ray Giacoletti
Wade Harman
Dave  Haskin
Brent and Alisa Heemskerk
Laverne and Cleo Heithoff
John Hemminger
Patricia Henson
Gerry and Larry Hingst
Robert Hoehle
Timothy and Lori Hommer
Jim Isobe
Steve and Libby Jacobs
Richard and Erma Dell Jensen
Bill and Rhonda Jensen
Mary Jordan
James Keeney
David Killpack
Davidson Kozlowski
Robert and Susan Lankford
Tony and Judy Larry
Benjamin Lefever
James and Sandra Lindberg
Richard Long
David Lubbers
Susan Mahedy-Ridgway
Patsy and William Mattas
David Maurer
Darrin McBroom
Richard McCauley
Brian and Kristen McKibban
Gregory and Dawn Mengel
Corina Merritt
Randall Meuser
Carol Meyer
James and Cheryl Middendorf
Kathy Miller
Matthew Mitchell
James Nelson
Jim and Shelley Noyce
Mindy and Edward Nussbaum-Bell
Mark and Amy Ohde
Jim Pagliai
Burton Perlow
Lorinda Peters
Steven and Alicia Peterson
Daniel Primer
Munir Prince
Karen and David Puffett
Kate Raun
Stanley Reynolds
Jerry Richardson
Kathleen and Ronald Ricker
Jeff and Sharon Rutter
Donald and Kay Sanservino
Larry Severidt
Austin Strawhacker
Clancy Sullivan
Jeffrey and Denise Thomas
Russell and Alana Trimble
Wayne and Priscilla Van Heuvelen
Kurt Viktor
Kevin Ward
William Watson
Doug and Beth Whorton
Karen and Randy Wickey
Ann and Ric Wilson
Katharine Winter
Wayne Woodworth

*Includes Bulldog Club members who are either first-time donors or have not made a gift to Bulldog Club at the benefit level ($125 or more) since the 2011-12 fiscal year or before.

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